100 Calorie Cocktail Party

We are “this” close to sliding into December, which means the holiday season is officially upon us. There are going to be a LOT of reasons to celebrate over the next month so it’s critical to have a cocktail party survival plan in place. So what is a 100 Calorie Cocktail Party you ask?

Calorie-wise cocktails and appetizers that won’t have you looking like Mrs. Claus by the end of the month.

So during the month of December I’m going to have a cocktail and an appetizer for you each week and they’re all going to be 100 calories or less. You’ll find them in your inbox when you receive your Bright Box newsletter (if you’re not on the list, a/ shame and b/ you can sign up at the bottom of this post).

I want you to share all your recipes with me as well. Send them via email (carol@thebrightbox.ca) along with a photo (include yourself in the photo if you dare) and I’ll share it on  I have also created a board on Pinterest to collect all the recipes so follow along there as well.

Recipe Requirements

– All the recipes must be 100 calories or less per serving. If you think it’s close but aren’t sure on the calorie count, send it to me. I”ll plug it into my recipe maker app and find out exactly how many calories are involved.

– All the ingredients have to be real food (no diet, artificial or chemical filled ingredients).

Here’s your first cocktail recipe, in honour of Friday.

Disclaimer: I tend to like my drinks on the tart side. If you really need a little sweetener in this, you can add a tsp of agave syrup or honey for only an extra 20 calories.

And if that’s enough to keep you safe in December, we have a Holiday Sweat starting on December 1. It’s 31 days of exercise to burn off some of those extra calories. You choose your own exercise and set your own bar. Each day you’ll check in on our Bootcamp Facebook page. Let us know what you did that day and cheer on the others in the group. We have so far amassed a small but mighty group and I swear, these ladies are going to make working out as much fun as humanly possible. So don’t be shy. Jump in an join us!


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What about persevering with a goal? Toughing it out until your dream comes true?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Was this goal created on a whim or under duress (ie New Year’s)?
  • Am I pretty damn happy to move on and never think about this one again?
  • Did I realize I don’t want to exert the energy on this one?

If you answered yes, you can happily jump ship and start looking for a new goal to get working on.

Now, ask yourself these questions…

  • If I quit now will I be starting again in a week?
  • Is this something I have been wanted to accomplish for a while?
  • Is laziness the only thing preventing me from seeing this goal to the end?


If you answered yes to these questions, you need to stick with the plan and just get the goal completed. Chances are you’re going to spend too much time starting and stopping. Just do it!

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1000 Happy Things

Some days it’s pretty damn easy to be an open-minded happiness aficionado. The sun is shining, the coffee tastes great, kids are well behaved and your favourite outfit is hanging in your closet, ready to go. Other days, I’d equate it more to walking along a very icy road. It can be done but it takes all your energy and concentration to get there.


So why do some days require more of a concerted effort to stay aligned with happiness? There are a lot of reasons but it boils down to this simple truth…




Every year I try harder to be mindful and make sure the bulk of my days land on the happy side of the equation. This year, I’m starting a new habit that will increase my odds of success. It’s called 1000 Happy Things and it will really be a journal of little things that make me happy. I’m starting with numero uno today and I’ll keep going until I’ve reached 1000 things.

Sounds pretty easy today, when I have a blank page in front of me. If you’ve ever kept a gratitude journal you know how mind numbing it can be to find anything to write on a bad, shitty or downright terrible day.

Those will be the days when I force myself to look at things differently. To see the beauty in the ordinary and the magical in the mundane.

If you want to join me, throw your arms in the air and scream “hell yeah”. Okay, I won’t hear you but maybe I’ll feel an energetic shift in the universe. Or maybe you can just leave a comment below.

This is going to be my main source for documenting my 1000 things but I’ll do some updates on facebook and instagram (using #1000happythings) as well. So follow along and let’s see exactly how long it takes to find 1000 Happy Things. Here we go…

1. The sun shining in my kitchen right now – if you live in the west coast of Canada you know how truly exciting this is during the winter months. It really puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. We are inundated with gray, dreary days for most of the winter so seeing these sunbeams shining in each room is blissful.

2. My dog is sleeping peacefully on my favourite chair – Willis is a rescue dog and came with a LOT of anxiety. It has been a very long process to get him to be calm and peaceful. It melts my heart to see him so restful and to know that he truly feels safe.

3. I successfully cured my tonsil stones  – after three months of suffering.

4. Our house is still for sale after 5 months on the market – Yup, this one has tested me a lot over the last 6 months. Frustration, confusion, disappointment and general pissed off-edness has prevailed. And then, this week, my husband and I came to some really big decisions about our future that we would not have made if the house had sold earlier. And the lightbulb went off and I realized how lucky we are to have been forced to sit with this time on our hands and wait. And think. And decide.

And so begins my journey of 1000 Happy Things. I hope you join in and we can do it together. So let me know in the comments what you’re happy for today.




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how to make my dick bigger ?

Penis enlargement is the dream of almost every man on earth. However, only a few turn to the aid of medicine or try to increase their genitals one way or another, and the majority are satisfied with dreaming about a larger penis.

You should know that in some cases penis enlargement possible. While there are countless commercials in the area of ​​contact between all the promises they scatter and reality is purely coincidental, but there are also serious doctors who perform the procedure – and successfully.

Important facts before looking for a method of penis enlargement

1. Size does not matter. really.

2. The penis of the person standing in front of us always seems bigger than it really is, while ours actually looked smaller than others see more. This is deceptive perspectives provide a misleading perspective.

3. Even a penis is smaller than average (the average is about 9-10 cm in the flaccid state, and 15 to 18 cm when there is an erection) still allows its owner a normal sex life and fun, and there are quite a few women to testify about satisfaction As a result of sexual intercourse with a modest penis. Anatomically there is no reason that seven penis erection is around 10 cm will penetrate the entire vagina (inherently flexible).

4. In most cases easier strengthen confidence than to increase the penis.

5. no shortage of “professionals” who developed pills that everyone who takes them to become the best lover on earth and makes even the porn stars best equipped to curl up in a corner in shame. Other promising exercises with the help of “natural” penis will be extended by 5 inches and simultaneously thicken by about 1.5 cm – is important to know that no serious scientific research that supports the effectiveness of these methods of penis enlargement.

And if we do want a larger penis?

There are two ways to enjoy a larger penis: extension, or thickening.
Penis enlargement through the thickening is carried out by injection into the penis thickening. Possible thickening materials are fat (patient’s own) as well as medical silicone. Fat injection has a significant drawback is that the fat is absorbed after awhile in the tissues of the penis, and therefore the impact of condensation fades, and in addition may create a scar. Medical silicone does not cause this phenomenon.

In order to be detected correctly silicone body and not be rejected by him it is important to inject a small amount at a time when the injections are performed under local anesthesia. Usually there is a need for the number of treatments, and do not overdo penis enlargement rather than reinforce it by more than half a centimeter.

The second option is stated penis enlargement by extension. Extension of a penis can be done in two ways – by special kits that stretches the relevant tissue, or through a surgical procedure.

Stretching the tissue – a technique in which, by the way, using different tribes in Africa to extend other body parts (lips, ears, etc.) – allows an extension of the penis about half a centimeter a month. The recommendation of doctors use these machines to increase their patient’s sexual organ is extended by no more than 30% of the original aspect ratio, as it is important to be wary of a situation where the penis be extended, but will become very thin and vulnerable. Careless use of these devices may cause hemorrhaging and severe damage, the more sensitive matters to be treated solely with reliable and experienced doctor.
Penis enlargement through surgery is an option that almost does not go through practice, due to various complications associated with it, particularly the severe damage stability penis due to disconnection ligaments that basin.

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